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We have a wide range of top quality research chemicals categorized in the Stimulant, Tryptamine, Dissociative, Psychedelic and Nootropic categories. We are the only vendor selling 1P-LSD dropper bottles, and one of the only vendors selling 2/3-FEA and 3-FPM pellets as well as an array of carefully selected CBD products from Green Cuisine. We mainly sell the amounts shown on the website, however we can provide wholesale for some products upon request.


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We are an avid group of researchers providing an array of the finest quality research chemicals. We take pride in ensuring each customer has optimal satisfaction with the service, speed and product. All of our compounds are sourced from the most reputable laboratories and analysed by a third party before being offered to the market. We can ship tracked to any Country that we ship to (see FAQ or shipping page).


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My cannabinoids fast is a premium Reasearch chemicals who pride themselves with the high-quality in their merchandise and distribution international